Monday, July 16, 2012

Early Mornings Don't Get Easier

Skyler has been working a ton lately. He leaves for work early and gets home late. That means no time for swimming for me.

Even though he had to leave early today, I got up even earlier to finally get a swim in. I swam 3000 zombie-like yards. I came home exhausted. I had to nap when Desmond went down for his morning nap because I could barely keep my eyes open.

I hate getting up early. But I do it because of my goal: Ironman. I thought about it the whole time I swam. Only 4 months to go!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Family Races the 4th of July "5k"

Every 4th of July our church hosts a local 5k. We raced it three years ago and we both did well. Last year we raced again. I was four months pregnant so I took it easy and Skyler had a mid-race pitstop when Pumpkin decided she had to poop now.

5ks are especially scary because of how fast they are. I am an endurance runner and a 5k is just a warm-up for me. I was especially anxious for this year's race because my speedy friends were racing and I really wanted to beat them. I used to be faster than them, but then I took a little time off to have a baby. They got faster while I got slower. It's been seven months since Desmond was born and I was ready to race normal again, no excuses allowed.

Today was a good race day. Wore my racing flats, started out front, and started fast. This is a short race, no time to speed up mid-race. Within a few minutes I was 4th place woman. I was nearing the end and I was in second place woman position. I turned around to see who was near me, if anyone, but I stumbled and fell flat on my hands and knees. Got some good scrapes and scratched my wedding ring (boo!). Got up quickly and finished strong. Finish time of 20:05. The course is 2.91 miles, so a bit shorter than a true 5k, but I'll take it. 2nd place woman and 1st place in my age group (got beat my 20 year old girl). Skyler (and Pumpkin) finished 4th overall and 1st in his age group. We both came home with ribbons. Our kids have no chance at not being competitive.