Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Marathon Training Week #16

Oh the curse of the taper! I never know exactly what to do except cut back on my mileage and intensity. This week's long run was "only" 13 miles, but it was still a long run. I made it fun by running from my front door to the beach. I met Skyler there, where we passed off Desmond, then Skyler ran home. The best part of my run was the "ice" bath in the ocean after. Some of my joints hurt a bit, but I know they will hold up for the race. EXCEPT for maybe my knees. They have been acting up again. I made it through almost all of my training without a problem and finally the old injury comes alive. Here's hoping to a pain-free race. Actually, I just need to make it through the race. If I'm in pain after, I'm ok with that.

Monday: Bike ride pulling trailer, 18.3 miles, 1:21
Tuesday: Temp run, 5 miles @ 7:00 with negative incline, 8 miles, 1 hour
Wednesday: Trainer, 15.5 miles, 55 minutes
& GNO Swim 2100 yards, 45 minutes
Thursday: Run with stroller, 6.6 miles, 1 hour
Friday: Trainer 16 miles, 1 hour
Saturday: Long run 13.1 miles, 1:49

Marathon Training Week #15

The week of my last long run. It's kind of sad to see my training come to an end, but of course I'm excited to see it all pay off. Praying for everything goes right on race day.

Monday: Trainer 17 miles, 1 hour
Tuesday: Speed Intervals, 5x1600 @ 7:03, 8.25 miles, 1 hour
Wednesday: Trail run at Peter's Canyon, 6.7 miles, 1:07
& GNO Swim, 1800 yards, 35 minutes
Thursday: 16 miles easy, 1 hour
Friday: off (work)
Saturday: Long run 20.3 miles, 2:53

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I needed this

Work led me to Virginia on the week I needed to do my last 20-mile run. I was nervous I would be too tired or lazy to get my run done, but I knew how important this was. Not only did my legs need it, but my mind needed it too. The past few weeks was full of crappy runs, and I needed this run to go well so I could look back on it during the marathon.

My plan was to run a 1/2 marathon in the morning and run 7 miles later in the day. Luckily, I changed my mind the day before and I decided to run 20 miles by myself. 

An angel told me about the W&OD trail. She told me it was a bike & run trail that had stores and bathrooms throughout the trail. This was the solution for my water problem (because I can't carry water for a 3-hour run).

I found the trail and it was heaven. Maybe it was just because I was running somewhere new, but I loved this trail!

Within the second mile, I came across a stop with a restaurant and bike repair stop. I know how popular this trail was and how friendly everyone was. Within four miles, I came across a bike stop - port-o-pottys, air-filling station, and benches.

The halfway point was at the W&OD Railroad station. It was near a park and downtown area.

Bike love

I took a caffeinated gel at the halfway point and it really pepped me up. I felt like I was flying. I was running 8:15 miles. But my knees were feeling a bit tight because the road was a bit off-camber which always makes my knees hurt. I loved seeing this stretching post.

Yes! I did it! 20 miles in under three hours (2:50), about 8:35 pace. I couldn't have been happier! If I feel this well on race day, then I'll be meeting my goals for sure.

So what is my goal for race day? Well, my first goal is to PR (3:59. That shouldn't be hard to do. Second goal is under 3:40. And the ultimate goal is 3:34, which would qualify me for Boston. I can't expect to qualify for Boston on my first try, or while I'm still so young (it's a faster qualifying time when you're younger), but it would be so awesome if I did.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Found My Speed

All it took was a "new" Pandora station and a new pair of shoes to shake the slowness out of my legs. Welcome back speed!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Marathon Training Week #14

What a day! We got it worked out so Skyler and I could run together for our last long run up Black Star Canyon. It was our anniversary activity and I was excited! At the last minute we decided to bring the pup, which turned out to be the reason for our demise. 

We didn't plan well and didn't pack enough water for all 3 of us. It was an unbelievably hot day! By the time we got to the top, I was drenched in sweat. Pumpkin was doing great too.

We began our descent and within 2 miles I knew Pumpkin wasn't going to make it. We were all super thirsty and I was trying my best to conserve our water. At mile 10 of 15.5 Pumpkin laid down. That's where our run took a turn for the worst. What could we do? The only way back to the car was down 5 more miles. We had to coax Pumpkin to walk. She would hop from shaded patch to shaded bush. We both gave all of our water to her. Skyler even carried her part of the way!

About 2 miles from the end, I ran ahead to get more water. I got 2 full water bottles from a group of hikers. I thought it would be plenty, but when I returned to Skyler and Pumpkin, we devoured it within a minute. We slowly walked back to the car. We all felt defeated. I especially felt awful because of how bad all of my runs had been lately. When would my speed return?

Monday: Bike ride, 12 miles, 46 minutes
Tuesday: Tempo run, 8 miles, 59 minutes (with negative incline on treadmill)
Wednesday: Trainer, 17 miles, 1 hour & GNO swim, 1800 yards
Thursday: Speed intervals, 1600x4 @ 7:00, 7.5 miles, 1 hour
Friday: Trainer, 17 miles, 1 hour
Saturday: Long "run", 16 miles, 3 hours
Sunday: Rest

Marathon Training Week #13

Race week. I purposely planned on making the Disneyland 1/2 marathon fall on a weekend where I needed to do 12 miles. I had high hopes for a PR, but my legs were still feeling tired. It was almost 3 week since I did my epic run in Kauai, but still hadn't recovered yet. This was really eating me and I felt discouraged. 3 weeks of bad runs was not leading me to think a PR was possible. Then, after working all weekend, and horrible weather (hot & humid), my fears were confirmed. I knew by mile 2 that a PR would not happen that day. And I was ok with it. My eyes were on the bigger prize.

Monday: Swim 2000 yards, 38 minutes
Tuesday: Taper run, 4 miles, 37 minutes
Wednesday: Nothing
Thursday: Swim ???
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Race day, 13.1 miles, 1:45:40

Marathon Training Week #12

Not feeling it. Even since I got back from Kauai, I just haven't been feeling it. My legs feels heavy and tired. I know the Kalalau Trail got the best of me, but I had hoped to jump back into training quickly. I guess everyone has an off week.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Trainer, 45 minutes, 13 miles
Wednesday: Speed training, 7x800 @ 3:30, 7.5 miles, 60 minutes
Thursday: Outdoor ride pulling trailer, 18.5 miles, 1:24
Friday: Temp run, 5 miles, 40 minutes & Elliptical 10 minutes
Saturday: "Long" run, 8 miles, 1:06